Q. How do you use Back 40 financial gifts?

Investments in the Back 40 Backers outreach will be used to cover expenses related to developing tools and

services needed to making disciples in foreign fields. Your investment will go to preparing training materials

(translation and printing), travel, and living expenses during training as we reach into the remote fields. 30 60 100

MINISTRIES, INC. is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Q. What kinds of discipleship material do you use when you work with Christians in the Back 40?

We use the Spiritually Healthy Leader® Series, (TRANSLATED INTO THE NATIVE LANGUAGE, WITH LESSONS

ADJUSTED FOR CULTURAL RELEVANCE) which equips Christians to both grow strong in their faith and also be

effective spiritual leaders. The workshops cover Spiritual Fitness, Healthy Relationships, Conflict, Pace-Setting

Leadership, Leadership Challenges, and Finishing Well. We also provide one-on-one coaching where needed.

Q. Where have you provided Back 40 coaching and training?

Cambodia (2009) and Thailand (2011), with training scheduled for Costa Rica and Guatemala in early 2013; Mexico

and Ukraine were added in 2014; India in 2015.

RETURN TRIPS to India and Ukraine in 2016 are now in the planning stages.

Q. How do you follow up with trainees after a Back 40 training or workshop?

Today’s technology allows us to stay in touch with those we have trained to continue to coach and encourage them.

We use Skype sessions and email to cultivate servant-leaders.

Q. In what languages can you present workshops?

The Spiritually Healthy Leader® Series is currently available in English and Spanish, Russian (for use in Ukraine) and

Nepalese (for use in the Himalayan basin). For 2016 there is a request for the materials to be translated to Hindi for

wider usage in India.