30 60 100® MINISTRIES, INC. offers two main workshops that have resulted in global MULTIPLIED IMPACT for the hundreds of clients – Church and Ministry leadership teams, Christian school boards and administrations, Business leaders, Couples and Individuals – that have participated in them over the years.

shl-overviewAre you living in the Box? Or in the Circle?

The Spiritually Healthy Leader® series challenges Christians to reach outside the natural limitations of “the Box” of their own power, abilities, and fleshly nature to experience living in “the Circle” of the life and power of Christ; enabling them to multiply the impact of their life and ministry, by doing more than they could ever ask for or think of through their own strength and abilities.

SHL™ stimulates you to reach and maintain balance and spiritual wellness, exploring key issues and elements likely left untouched in Bible school, seminary, or by business school professors.

The Series consists of six workshops, each containing four full hours of action-packed interactive instruction.

Participants will benefit from a variety of teaching methods: facilitator-led instruction, individual reflection, interactive dialogue, breakout groups, and personal action planning.

strategic-planning-workshopsOur (SP)∞ Strategic Planning to the Highest Power™ program is a private, customized facilitation tool designed to lead organizations (whether corporate, church, ministry, couples, or families) through an intense, long-range, ‘roll up your sleeves and dig in’ strategic planning process.

This process requires a series of sessions that can be scheduled over a period of consecutive days or sequentially over several weeks with intervals in between based upon your group’s particular group needs.

Leadership Team Vision / Mission / Strategic Development and Long Range Planning Retreats that help you and your leadership team see what God sees in your future and bring it to life by:

– Understanding your ministry’s Identity and Destiny
– Finding the direction your ministry needs to pursue to fulfill that Identity and Destiny
– Establishing the steps required to create and put into use your ministry’s Vision-Mission-