Check your heart to know if you're giving as God leads

God’s ROI: Are You Giving As God Leads?

“Past performance does not guarantee future returns.” You’ve seen that disclaimer on a financial prospectus. Market fluctuations, economic conditions, worldwide crises – unlimited number of factors can impact the return on your investment (ROI). While we invest financial resources in order to accrue monetary gain, God’s resources produce both tangible and intangible returns. His resources…

hut in the jungle along a river

The Great Commission: Keep the Go-ers Going

“Vocational missionaries to foreign, remote areas face enormous challenges,” explained a 16-year mission field veteran. “They are hungry for any opportunity to grow spiritually because they deal with overwhelming obstacles.” When it comes to fulfilling The Great Commission, these precious servants are called Go-ers. They leave their homes and go to isolated regions to share…

Mentor and young leader

Succession Planning, Part 3: What Young Leaders Need to Know

Young leaders: do you intentionally strive to absorb as much as you can from the experienced leaders around you? Tapping into others’ experience is a powerful way to accelerate your own learning curve and at the same time, prepare yourself to help move your organization forward. Such was the case with Timothy, a young convert…

Experienced leader

Succession Planning Part 2: What Leaders Need to Know

Do you intentionally work to identify and cultivate young workers who will eventually fill key leadership roles in your organization? Experienced leaders can leave a particularly powerful legacy when they invest in the next generation. Investing in people is a key element in succession planning – one that will allow your organization to grow beyond…

Leader doing a hand off in well execution of succession planning

Succession Planning, Part 1: Is Yours Reactive – or Proactive?

Will your ministry or business outlive you — and outgrow you? Succession planning is a road map for the future of your organization, allowing it to expand and extend its reach. In its simplest form, succession planning focuses on two big-picture components: the organization’s structure (long-term goals and how to carry them out) and its people…