Spiritual Health: Have You Updated Your Operating System Lately?

You’ve seen the message on your screen: “A program update for your operating system is available.” A system update addresses vulnerabilities in the computer’s processes. Often it provides better ways to operate the program. Yet for the system to be updated, action is required. You must click “Yes” to continue. Commitment: Your Old Operating System…

winter blues on a wintry street

Spiritual Health: The Prescription for Winter Blues

The days grow shorter and darker. Fatigue, irritability, loss of interest in activities, lack of concentration, depression, and unhealthy eating …. an estimated one in four Americans feel the biological impact of winter. Up to 11 million are diagnosed with even more severe form of the “winter blues” in a medical condition called Seasonal Affective…

Check your heart to know if you're giving as God leads

God’s ROI: Are You Giving As God Leads?

“Past performance does not guarantee future returns.” You’ve seen that disclaimer on a financial prospectus. Market fluctuations, economic conditions, worldwide crises – unlimited number of factors can impact the return on your investment (ROI). While we invest financial resources in order to accrue monetary gain, God’s resources produce both tangible and intangible returns. His resources…