Spiritual Health: The Prescription for Winter Blues

The days grow shorter and darker. Fatigue, irritability, loss of interest in activities, lack of concentration, depression, and unhealthy eating …. an estimated one in four Americans feel the biological impact of winter. Up to 11 million are diagnosed with even more severe form of the “winter blues” in a medical condition called Seasonal Affective…

The longest-running classified ad

Service: The Longest-Running Classified Ad

Help Wanted classified ad: Regional organization seeks energetic team player for a 3-man unit responsible for bolstering its satellite locations and securing new partnerships. Position Requirements Initiative Dependability and reliability Reputation above reproach Diligence Honesty Likeability Enthusiasm Diplomacy Excellent communication skills Your application must include references from current colleagues testifying to your outstanding record of…

assignment memo on smartphone

Service: Memo RE Your Assignment (Should You Choose to Accept It)

TO: Recruited Representatives and Ambassadors RE: Your Assignment Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, will be as an official representative in a designated foreign land. You are accorded the rights, privileges, and duties thereof. Authority You are the king’s authorized messenger with the power to make decisions and to represent him. Rank You…