Wagner Nuñez, Costa Rica: Once Rebellious — Now Restored and Rekindled

About Wagner Nuñez

Wagner, his family, and 30 60100 staff

Wagner, his family, and 30 60100 staff

We met Wagner in January 2013 when we traveled to San José, Costa Rica at the invitation of Pastor Geiner Alvarado and his wife Denise. Over the course of two weeks, we led the Spiritually Healthy Leader® workshops for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking congregations at Calvary Chapel San Pedro, pastored by Geiner.

The schedule was intense. Seminars included three hours of classwork each night and all-day Saturday for two weeks in a row, plus services on Sunday.

Wagner attended all of the Spanish workshops and both Sunday services. He and his family sat in the front row at every class. Any time the doors were open, Wagner was there with his family.

Since Wagner paid close attention, asked questions, and answered questions, I thought he was a long-time pillar of the church. Yet one day his wife Cindy explained how pleased she was with the change in Wagner’s life.

Cindy had prayed for Wagner for years. Although he had become a believer in Jesus, Wagner had never made him Lord of his life until he attended the workshops. During those two weeks, Wagner’s surrender to Jesus became very evident both in class as well as in his home.

When we left San José, Wagner and Cindy asked to take pictures with us in order to memorialize the wonderful change in their family. Today God is using the entire Nuñez family to be His light in their country.

Wagner’s Story

Wagner and Cindy Nunez

Wagner and Cindy Nunez

God brought Dalton and Vicki to Costa Rica in early 2013 at a crucial point in my life. My wife and two children had been attending church for a while. I had only begun to come with them.

Everything in my life was going wrong: I was far from God, I did not have a stable job, I was consumed by the vice of liquor, and I was at the point of separating from my family.

So when our church hosted the Spiritually Healthy Leader® workshops and my wife Cindy invited me to attend, I went with her and we brought our family.

When the workshop began, I noticed that Dalton spoke with authority and wisdom yet godliness and humility. My heart broke as I listened to the Word. I felt that I was singularly empty and wanted to escape or run away. I was an ignorant sinner in the wrong place.

But as the session continued, God spoke to me and caused me to see that I needed to change. It was the kind of change that only He can make.

From that point forward my focus became studying the Word, fighting the battle between the flesh and spirit, submitting to God and allowing Him to do the work, learning to have healthy relationships, leaving behind pride and sinful desires, and learning biblical principles.

Two years have passed since your visit to Costa Rica. God has changed my life and the lives of those in my family. Today, it’s to God’s glory that I pastor a ministry in my home. My wife teaches Bible studies for women who are fighting alcohol and drug addiction. My son plays the guitar in worship services and my daughter helps care for the children during church services.

I thank God for workers like you who have a heart turned to God!

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