A Seasoned Saint Mentors Younger Timothys in Guatemala: Mildred Plumley

About Mildred

Mildred Plumley

Mildred Plumley

We first met Mildred Plumley and her family in 1970 when we arrived as young missionaries in the jungles of southern Colombia. Mildred faced the challenges of jungle life with courage and exemplary faith, in spite of the debilitating effects of polio she had contracted as a young woman.

After two years in Colombia, Mildred and her family began mission work in Guatemala. Today Mildred is 84 years old and continues to live in Guatemala, investing in the lives of every person she meets, even though her children (who all live in the U.S.) have strongly encouraged her to spend her golden years with them.

Mildred teaches Bible studies in the church in order to disciple and prepare young people (her “Timothys,” so-named for the biblical Timothy mentored by the Apostle Paul) as the next generation of leaders. An accomplished musician, she also teaches violin and plays during worship. She has inspired dozens of young people to learn classical music. Because of her influence, many play violin, cello, guitar, piano and other instruments.

What an honor it was to help Mildred provide Spiritually Healthy Leader workshops for those lives in whom she has invested so much! We are extremely grateful for partners who made possible the multiplied impact of her influence on the people of Guatemala.

Mildred’s Story

I have lived in Guatemala for 33 years. During that time I have experienced countless challenges and victories, including learning Guatemalan language and culture, winning Guatemalan hearts, attacks from Marxist guerrillas, and most recently the opportunity to disciple five young natural brothers who the Lord has called into ministry. I almost fainted with excitement (and trepidation) when they asked me to mentor them! Soon two others joined this group which I called the “Timothys.”

Mildred at worship

Mildred at worship

When I saw a video on 30 60 100 MINISTRIES website describing the Spiritually Healthy Leader workshop series offered in remote parts of the world as part of its new Back 40 ministry, I wrote to Dalton describing our need for materials. In the process I mentioned that it would be ideal if he and Vicki would come to us in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and teach the workshops.

They said yes! In 2013, they joined us for 8 days of intensive seminars.

Today, the Timothys participate in our church services, are running our Vacation Bible School (VBS) for 75 local children, and are leading a mission trip to the remote village of Los Romeros to teach VBS to  approximately 200 children! God is good!


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