It’s hard to imagine that God hates anything, but He does … because they are harmful to us.

The book of Proverbs names them:

  • 4haughty eyes
  • a lying tongue
  • hands that shed innocent blood
  • a devious heart
  • rushing feet
  • a false witness
  • a person who sows discord

And when you stop to recognize those qualities in yourself, you may fear you’ll never overcome them.

Be Equipped to Win

But God doesn’t leave us in the lurch, as Vicki and Dalton Jantzen write about in their new book, Equipped to Win: Seven Strategies for Defeating the Hated Seven. God has equipped to with special spiritual armor to use in the battle.

Inspired a TV ministseries that portrays The Hated Seven, Vicki Jantzen’s thoughts traveled to the book of Ephesisans, which lists God’s spiritual armor you can use to counter and conquer these foes. In this book, Vicki and Dalton show that you don’t have to live in guilt or in defeat, but instead you can use the seven tools God gives you — one for each of The Hated Seven — to fight your battles.

Tou CAN be ready to press on to victory over The Hated Seven. Get your copy in softcover or Kindle. And be sure to leave a review!

Equipped To Win cover