The BACK 40: Cultivating Christians in Remote Areas

Neglected. Isolated. Underdeveloped. Forgotten.


These are just a few of the words that describe believers in the “BACK40,” the geographically remote and under-resourced areas of the world. They need Christians who will come alongside them and share from their abundance.

There is hunger and a cry for help. Christians in BACK 40 regions across the globe have reached out to us, asking us to come to their remote areas and provide short-term training and coaching.


What’s the “BACK40”?workers-cultivating-back-30

Landowners refer to their undeveloped land as their “BACK 40.”  It’s the remote area of their property which is last to be cultivated.

In the same way, tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ are living in the “BACK 40” spiritually. Although limited by a lack of finances, resources, or geographical remoteness, they are eager to cultivate their “fields.” Investing in these hungry Christians with training, coaching, and discipleship equips them to cultivate their own spiritual health, and become servant-leaders who disciple others in their “BACK 40”.

BACK 40 BACKERS: The Global Devotion of 30 60 100® MINISTRIES, INC.

There is a growing need to equip leaders on foreign soils with biblically sound training. Current events effect people worldwide and uniquely challenge international Christians who lack access to adequate resources.

Since 2009, 30 60 100® MINISTRIES, INC. has ministered in the “BACK40”, training and equipping missionaries, pastors, and local church leaders; as well as ex-pats and local business leaders. We have encouraged and inspired them to cultivate their own spiritual health and significance.

The impact is tangible. Participants become spiritually strong, mature Christians, who share their faith in Christ with others.

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There Are More Fields To Till: How You Can Help

There is a growing need to equip leaders on foreign soils with biblically sound training.  Hungry Christians in India, Ukraine, Argentina, Guatemala, Colombia, and other Central and South American countries are requesting dates to host Spiritually Healthy Leader and Strategic Planning Workshops. The Lord is using 30 60 100® MINISTRIES, INC. to prepare His international fields for harvest.

Testimony by Bob Butler
(Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
What it’s like to have 30 60 100® MINISTRIES, INC. come to your country and teach Spiritually Healthy Leader series.