30 60 100 MINISTRIES developed its Spiritually Healthy Leader® Series to challenge Christians to reach outside their natural

limitations and experience living in the power of Christ, enabling them to multiply the impact of their life and ministry. The material,

born out of 40 years in the mission field, ministry, and business, equips Christians to live a spiritually mature life and bear more fruit

than they ever dreamed. We shared this material with servant-leaders in the States but could not know how its impact might extend


First Steps into the Back 40

When the 30 60 100 MINISTRIES Board president retired after 30 years in the ministry, he and his wife became missionaries to

Thailand. Within a year they asked us to travel to Thailand to teach English-speaking missionaries there, which we did in May 2009.

We were astounded about the series’ impact on these servants in the remote jungles of Thailand.

This couple moved on to serve in Cambodia in 2010, and invited us once again to bring these materials to their workers, which we did

in April 2011. While in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we taught 2 groups: one in English, translated into Khmer, and the other in English to

college level ESL speakers or native English speakers.

While on the airplane flying home from Cambodia, we discussed this tool God had given us. “Lord, I speakee Spaneesh,” Vicki

prayed, half-jokingly. “Remember?” We talked about the need to translate the material into Spanish, as well as creating an ESL

(simple English) version for international use. As we prayed further, God showed us that if we wanted to be useful with the gifts He

gave us, He would make a way to do that.

Since that trip home in May 2011, the Lord has helped us translate the SHL workshops into Spanish, Russian, and Nepalese and

teach workshops in four countries where these languages are the trade language of the marketplace of the local believers.

We are trusting God to walk through every door He opens around the world. Will you help us?